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How Do I Correct A Wrong Answer? - Math Discussion

How do I correct a wrong answer?

As a student, my text gives me the following example for a 2 tail test: H(0): mu = 1.84 or H(a): mu != 1.84 the Pop St. Devation = .03 N = 64 X_bar = 1.88 alpha = .05 My text says that H(0) (mu = 1.84) is false. HOWEVER: Your web calculator with these inputs I want to test Two Tail Test Sample Mean: 1.88 Population Mean: 1.84 Sample Standard Deviation: .03 Population Size: 64 Significance Level (?): .05 indicates that "Since the P-value 2 is greater than the significance level 0.05, we cannot reject the null hypothesis." T Score Test Value: 10.66667 P Value: 2 There seems to be a disagreement. Would you please explain the answer from the website
philY 2015-05-29 12:01:32

2 Answers

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