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I Have This Problems With Regards To POISSON DISTRIBUTION; 1. Trucks Arrive At The Unloading Bays At Bennington Brass Works With The Average Being 3 Arrivals Per Hour. There Are Adequate Personnel And Equipment To Handlee Up To 5 Arrivals Per Hour, But If More Than 5 Arrivals Per Hour Occur, Personnel Ordinarily Performing Administratvie Tasks Must Be Temporarily Assigned To Unloading In Order To Relieve Congestion. What Is The Probability Of 6 Or More Trucks Will Arrive In An Hour? 2. The Maintenance Manager Of Watson Manufacturing Company Has Only 4 Hours Available In Which To Install A New Compressor In The Air Containing Unit Before The Nest Morning Shift Begins. The Time Required To Install A New Compressor Has A Mean Time Of Two Hours. What Is The Probability That The Installation Will Be Completed Before The Morning Shift Begins - Math Discussion

I have this problems with regards to POISSON DISTRIBUTION; 1. Trucks arrive at the unloading bays at Bennington Brass Works with the average being 3 arrivals per hour. there are adequate personnel and equipment to handlee up to 5 arrivals per hour, but if more than 5 arrivals per hour occur, personnel ordinarily performing administratvie tasks must be temporarily assigned to unloading in order to relieve congestion. what is the probability of 6 or more trucks will arrive in an hour? 2. The maintenance manager of Watson Manufacturing Company has only 4 hours available in which to install a new compressor in the air containing unit before the nest morning shift begins. The time required to install a new compressor has a mean time of two hours. what is the probability that the installation will be completed before the morning shift begins

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