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A Manufacturer Produces Two Different Models: X And Y Of The Same Product Model X Makes A Contribution Of Rs. 50 Per Unit And Model Y Rs. 30 Per Unit Towards Total Profit. Raw Materials R1 And R2 Are Required For The Production. At Least 18 Kg Of R1 And 12 Kg Of R2 Must Be Used Daily. Also At Most 34 Hours Of Labour Are To Be Utilized. A Quantity Of 2 Kg Of R1 Is Needed For Model X And 1 Kg Of R1 For Model Y. For Each Of X And Y 1 Kg Of R2 Is Required. It Takes 3 Hours To Manufacture Model X And 2 Hours To Manufacture Model Y. How Many Units Of Each Model Should Be Produced To Maximize The Profit? - Math Discussion

A manufacturer produces two different models: X and Y of the same product Model X makes a contribution of Rs. 50 per unit and model y Rs. 30 per unit towards total profit. Raw materials r1 and r2 are required for the production. At least 18 kg of r1 and 12 kg of r2 must be used daily. Also at most 34 hours of labour are to be utilized. A quantity of 2 kg of r1 is needed for model X and 1 kg of r1 for model Y. For each of X and Y 1 kg of r2 is required. It takes 3 hours to manufacture model X and 2 hours to manufacture model Y. How many units of each model should be produced to maximize the profit?

please ans this q
pramod jadhav 2014-06-02 12:34:00

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