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Meteorological Calculation Formula Explanation For The Dry Bulb Temperature Is 32.4 \\\'C And Wet Bulb Temperature Is 24.2 \\\'C And The Station Level Pressure Is 1000 Mb. How To Findout Dewpoing Temperature , Relative Humidity And Vapour Pressure As Followed By The Formula With Explation ? - Math Discussion

Meteorological calculation formula explanation for The dry bulb temperature is 32.4 \\\'C and wet bulb temperature is 24.2 \\\'C and the station level Pressure is 1000 mb. How to findout dewpoing temperature , relative humidity and vapour pressure as followed by the formula with explation ?

Given the formula derivation with method of explanation.
R.Marimuthu 2013-12-20 12:07:04

1 Answers

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