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Three Friends Go To A Shop To By 3 Toys. Each Person Paid RS.10 Which Is The Cost Of One Toy. So, They Paid Rs.30 As Total Amount. Shop Owner Gave A Discount Of Rs.5. Each Person Took Back Rs.1 And Remaining Rs.2 Was Given To A Beggar Besides The Shop. Now The Effective Amount Paid By Each Person Is Rs.9 . So Total Effective Amount Given To Beggar Is RS.2, Thus The Total Is Rs.29. Where Has Other Rs.1 Gone From The Original Rs 30? - Math Discussion

Three friends go to a shop to by 3 toys. Each person paid RS.10 which is the cost of one toy. So, they paid Rs.30 as total amount. Shop owner gave a discount of Rs.5. Each person took back Rs.1 and remaining Rs.2 was given to a beggar besides the shop. Now the effective amount paid by each person is Rs.9 . So total effective amount given to beggar is RS.2, thus the total is Rs.29. Where has other Rs.1 gone from the original Rs 30?

geetha 2015-09-25 11:17:51

1 Answers

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