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3 People Gave Rs.100 EACH For A Hotel Room And Asked For A Discount, The Owner Returned Rs 50 To The Manager To Give To Them. The Manager Kept Rs 20 With Him, And Returned Rs10 Each , Hence Each Person Had Given Rs 90 Each Which Amount To Rs 270 . Rs 270 And Rs 20 With The Manager Amounts To Rs 290. Where Is The Missing 10 Rs. - Math Discussion

3 people gave Rs.100 EACH for a hotel room and asked for a discount, the owner returned Rs 50 to the manager to give to them. the manager kept Rs 20 with him, and returned Rs10 each , hence each person had given Rs 90 each which amount to Rs 270 . Rs 270 and Rs 20 with the manager amounts to Rs 290. where is the missing 10 Rs.

missing Rs.
senthilkumar 2013-08-20 11:29:50

4 Answers

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