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Hello Friends. I Must Convert Period Of One Signal To Km/h. I Have Sensor On A Wheel.The Radius Of The Wheel Is=32catimeters.That Is About 2.07 Meter So Every 2 Meters Sensor Produce Signal.I Count The Time Between Two Pulses.That Is The Period Of The Signal.I Must Convert That Period Into Km/h It Is Easy To Find Velocity Speed.Can You Give Me Advice How To Find-Km/h? ;********************************************* Bestregards;Barosov - Math Discussion

Hello Friends. I must convert period of one signal to Km/h. I have sensor on a wheel.The radius of the wheel is=32catimeters.That is about 2.07 meter So every 2 meters sensor produce signal.I count the time between two pulses.That is the period of the signal.I must convert that period into Km/h It is easy to find velocity speed.Can you give me advice how to find-Km/h? ;********************************************* Bestregards;Barosov

Finding Km/h
Lyudmil Barosov 2013-04-04 09:56:23

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