Centroid of a triangle Tutorial

Centroid Tutorial
Centroid of a triangle Definition:
     The point through which all the three medians of a triangle pass is called centroid of the triangle and it divides each median in the ratio 2:1.

Centroid Formula:


              (x1, y1)   (x2, y2)   (x3, y3)be the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle.
Centroid Diagram

Centroid Example:
Case 1: Find the centroid of a triangle whose vertices are (-1, -3), (2, 1) and (8, -4).

 x1 = -1, y1 = -3
 x2 = 2, y2 = 1 and
 x3 = 8, y3 = -4
  Substitute in the formula as :

The above example will clearly illustrates how to calculate the Centroid of a triangle manually.

This tutorial will help you dynamically to find the Analytical Geometry problems.