Torsion Spring Wire Length Calculator

Torsion Spring is a helical spring, that apply a torque or rotary force when twisting an object. It is a flexible elastic object, which restores the mechanical energy on twisting. Both the ends of torsion spring is attached to other components, when its rotated, the string bring them back to the original position. It is a cylindrical round wire spring made out in different shapes. Calculate the wire length of torsion spring using this online Torsion Spring Wire Length calculator.

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Torsion Spring Wire Length = (Π x D x N) + LL1 + LL2 Where, D = Mean Diameter N = Total Coils LL1 = Leg Length 1 LL2 = Leg Length 2


A torsion spring has mean diameter of 23 cm, total coils 5 and leg lengths of 8 cm and 12 cm.


Wire Length = (Π x D x N) + LL1 + LL2
= (3.14 x 23 x 5) + 8 + 12
= 381.2832 cm

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