Mechanical Advantage of a Screw Calculator

A certain amount of energy can be saved by the use of simple machines like screw, wedge, levers etc., the measure of this energy is called as the mechanical advantage. Screw is one of the simple machines with helical ridges and head. The helical ridges are called as thread. Find the mechanical advantage of the screw with this online calculator.

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Mechanical Advantage of Screw
MA = (π * d) / l Where, MA = Mechanical Advantage d = Diameter of Screw l = Distance Between the Threads

The mechanical advantage of the screw depends upon two factors, the pitch and the radius of the screw. The distance between the adjacent threads is the pitch.

Example :

If the diameter of the screw is 4m, and length is 7m, then
MA = 3.14 * 4 / 7
MA = 1.7952

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