Nickel Plating Thickness Calculator

The Nickel plating is a method of plating thin layer of nickel on the metal object. The nickel coating is used in the metal objects, because of their application such as providing corrosion resistance, decorative coating and many engineering application. Here is the Nickel plating thickness calculator that calculates the plate thickness based on the input values of current efficiency ratio, current flows through plating tank, flow time and area of the surface to be platted.

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t = (12.294 × i × c) / s Where, T = Nickel Plating Thickness a = Current Efficiency Ratio i = Current Flows Through Plating Tank c = Current Flows Time s = Surface Area to be Electroplated


Calculate the Nickel plating thickness based on the current flows through plating tank of 4 amperes, current flows time of 2 hours, surface area to be electroplated of 25 dm².


t = (12.294 x 4 x 2) / 25
t = 3.9341 μm

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