Discrete Fourier Transform Calculator

In physics, Discrete Fourier Transform is a tool used to identify the frequency components of a time signal, momentum distributions of particles and many other applications. It is a process of decomposing signals into sinusoids. DFT is the most important discrete transform used to perform fourier analysis in various practical applications. Enter series of values in the discrete fourier transform calculator to perform Discrete Fourier Series calculation.

Discrete Fourier Series Calculation

Enter series values(Ex:11,22,3,4...)
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DFT Formula:

N-1 X(k) = ∑ x(n) e -j2πnk / N
Where n - nth value series k - iterative value N - number of period

The DFT is typically expressed as a complex exponentials. Discrete Fourier Transform Calculator is used to calculate transform for any sequence of numbers. Discrete Fourier Series calculation in the above calculator will take only 10 numbers as input series.

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