Angular Deflection of Hollow Shaft Calculator

The angular deflection is, when an expansion joint experiences bending about its center which is on the centerline and halfway between the ends of the bellows. Here is an online Angular Deflection of Hollow Cylinder Calculator which helps to calculate Deflection of shaft. Just enter the Applied Torque (T), Shear Modulus (G), Outside Diameter (D), Inside Diameter (d) and Unsupported Length (L) to calculate the angular Deflection of hollow shaft.

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α = 32 L T / (G π (D4 - d4)) Where,

α = angular shaft deflection (radians) T = Torque (N-mm, in-lb) L = Length of Shaft (mm, in) G = Shear Modulus of rigidity (Mpa, psi) D = Outside Diameter (mm, in) d = Inside Diameter (mm, in)


Find the Angular Deflection of Hollow Shaft with torque 8 in-lb, length as 10 inches, shear modulus of rigidity as 10 psi, outside and inside diameter as 10 and 5 inches.
α = 32 × 10 x 8 / (10 x 3.14 x (104 - 54))
α = 0.0087.

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