Zener Diode Calculator

An online zener diode calculator to find zener and resistor power. Zener diode is a kind of diode which permits the current to flow in forward direction as well the reverse direction when it reaches the zener voltage. It is highly doped with PN junction diode. The diodes remain constant even after a huge change in the current flow. Enter the values of load current, input and output voltage in this zener diode resistor calculator to find the resistance Power and zener power.

Zener Diode Resistor Calculator

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Zenor Diode Circuit Diagram
R = [1000 x ( Vmin - Vout) / ( IL + 10 ) ] RP = ( Vmax - Vout )2 / R ZP = [ 1000 x ( ( Vmax - Vout ) / R ) x Vout ] /1000

Where, IL = Load Current R = Value of Resistor RP = Power of Resistor ZP = Power of Zener Diode

This zener diode is the essential building block in the formation of the electrical circuits and it is used widely in different electrical equipments.

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