Number of Turns in a Transformer Coil Calculator

The number of turns will have a direct effect on the coils DC resistance. A large resistance will decrease the current, if the power supply is not changed. The coil's magnetic field is directly proportional to the number of turns (actually turns/inch), and to the coil current. Enter the inputs in the below online number of turns in a transformer coil calculator and click calculate button to update you with the total number of turns in a primary coil of a transformer.

Calculate Number of Turns in a Primary Coil of a Transformer

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Te = (1/(4.44 × F × M × A))
T = Te × V

Where, Te = Turns per Volts T = Total Number of Turns M = Magnetic flux A = Area of Core F = Operating Frequency V = Voltage

The number of turns of a primary or secondary coil of a transformer is determined using the voltage, operating frequency, magnetic flux and core area. The total number of turns are calculated based on the operating frequency, magnetic flux, area of core and voltage.

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