Transformer Capacity Calculator

An online Three phase transformer calculator to find the current in different power units. To increase/decrease the alternating volts in electric power, transformers are used. It has two types, single phase and three phase transformer. A 3 phase transformer has three magnetic circuits that are interlaced to give a uniform distribution of the dielectric flux between the high and low volts windings. Use this online transformer capacity calculator to find its volts, kVA and amps

Three Phase Transformer Calculator | Calculate kVA, Volts and Amps

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V = (k x 1000) / (A x Ph) A = (k x 1000) / (V x Ph) k = (Ph x V x A) / 1000 Where, V = Volt A = Amps k = kVA Ph = 3 phase (√3 = 1.732050808)


Find the Transformer capacity kVA rating for 3 phase transformer of an electric current which generates 1500 V and 150 amps.


k = (Ph x V x A) / 1000
kilovolt amps = (1.732050808 x 1500 x 150) / 1000
= 389.71 kVA

Three phase transformer has three connections such as delta, star and interconnected. Delta connection has an advantage where it has a capacity to deliver the original output even if any one transformer of a group are disabled.

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