Stripline Impedance Calculator

This online PCB impedance calculator helps to calculate stripline impedance. Stripline is a transverse electromagnetic (TEM) transmission line medium which can be fabricated using printed circuit boards (PCB). Stripline PCB Impedance is expressed using Ohm. Propagation delay is the amount of time it takes for the head of the signal to travel from the sender to the receiver. Use Stripline Impedance Calculator to find the PCB Impedance, capacitance, propagation delay and inductance

PCB Impedance Calculator

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z = 60 / (√(e)) x LN((1.92 x (2 x h + t)) / (0.8 x w + t)) c = (5.55 x 10-11 x e) / (LN((3.81 x h) / (0.8 x w + t))) p = 3.34 x 10-9 x √(e) l = c x z x z Where, e = Relative permittivity of the dielectric m = Height of dielectric h = Height of trace z = Characteristic impedance w = Width of the trace t = Trace thickness c = Capacitance per unit length p = Effective propagation delay l = Inductance per unit length


Consider PCB stripline trace of width 10cm, thickness 6 cm and height 15 cm with relative permittivity of 31. Find the impedance

Characteristic Impedance

= 60 / (√(31)) x ln((1.92 x (2 x 15 + 6)) / (0.8 x 10 + 6))
= 17.2075 ohm

Capacitance Per Unit Length

= (5.55 x 10^-11 x 31) / (ln((3.81 x 15) / (0.8 x 10 + 6)))
= 1.2231 x e-9 F/m

Effective Propagation Delay

= 3.34 x 10^-9 x √(31)
= 1.859 x e-8 s/m

Inductance Per Unit Length

= 1.2231 x e-9 x (17.2075)2
= 3.621 x e-7 H/m

Stripline PCB Impedance is the complex ratio of the voltage to the current in an electrical circuit. Inductance in an electric circuit causes an electromotive force to be generated by a change in the current flowing. Capacitance is the capacity of an electric circuit to store an electric charge.

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