Series Resistor Calculator

Resistors are the fundamental and most used electronic components which restrict the current flow in a circuit. The current in the resistors stay constant, the total resistance in the circuit can be adding all the resistance values. When resistor are connected in series they have much resistance to current than the parallel resistor. The Series resistor calculator is an efficient tool used to calculate equivalent resistance for the entered resistance values.

Resistors in Series Calculator | Series Circuit Resistance Calculator

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R=R1+R2+R3+....... Where, R = Total Resistors value R1 = Individual Resistors value R2 = Individual Resistors value R3 = Individual Resistors value


Calculate the equivalent resistance for the resistors R1=4, R2=5, R3=8, R4=6.


R(Total) = R1 + R2 + R3 + R4 + .............
R(Total) = 4+5+8+6
R(Total) = 23

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