Physical Properties of Coil / Material Calculator

Online electrical calculator to determine the physical properties of coil / material like resistance, total wire length required and number of windings. Resistance and the voltage calculations are made by the calculator by assuming the wire to be copper.

Calculate Coil / Material Parameters

Wire Diameter: mm
Number Of Turns: turns
Bobbin Length: mm
Bobbin Diameter: mm
Current (I): A
Turns per Winding:
Number of Windings:
Coil Diameter: (mm)2
Cross sectional Area: (mm)2
Total Length of Wire in Coil: m
Resistance/meter: ohms/m
Resistance: ohms
Voltage at Rated Current: V
Power at Rated Current: W
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Formula Used:

T = bl / d n = Turns/ T cd = (2 x n x d) + bd r = (n x d + bd) / 2 a = PI x r x r L = (2 x PI x r x n) / 1000 rpm = .0333 *((0.812/2)*(0.812/2))/((d/2)*(d/2)) R = rpm x L V = R x I P = V x I Where, T = Turns per winding, bl = Length of Bobbin, d = Wire Diameter, n = Number of windings, cd = Outer diameter of coil, bd = Diameter of Bobbin, r = radius of middle of coil, a = Cross sectional area, L = Total Length, rpm = Resistance/meter, R = Resistance, V = Voltage at Rated Current, I = Current, P = Power at Rated Current,

Determining the physical properties of coil / material is made easier with this electrical calculator.

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