Parallel Inductance Calculator

Inductors are connected in parallel when the terminal of an inductor is connected to the terminal of other inductor. Parallel Inductance have same amount of voltage drop & common voltage across all the inductance. The total inductance is less than any one of the parallel inductors inductance & the current flow inside each inductor is not equal to the total current flow. Enter total number of Inductors and provide Inductance values in the parallel inductance calculator to find total resistance.

Parallel Inductor Calculator

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L= 1/(1 / L1 + 1 / L2 + 1/L3 + ...) Where, L=Total Inductance L1 ,L2,L3...=Each Inductance Value


Find total inductance value when 3 inductor connected in parallel with inductance 4H, 5H and 6H respectively.


Total Inductance= 1/(1/4+1/5+1/6)
= 1/(0.25+0.2+0.16667)
= 1/0.6167
= 1.6215 H

For a parallel inductor circuit, the calculation of parallel inductance is different where 1/ LT = 1 / L1 + 1 / L2 + 1/L3 + ...

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