555 Timer Calculator

Find the delay and timeout in monostable circuit using this 555 Timer calculator based on the resistance and capacitance values. The IC 555 timer is usually used in stable and monostable circuits, where the output voltage becomes high for a set duration once a falling edge is detected on the trigger pin. A monostable circuit is one, which when switched on, it will time once and then stops. To start the circuit once again you need to switch it again manually.

IC 555 Timer Monostable Delay & Timeout

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T = 1.1 x R x C Where, R = Resistance C = Capacitance T = Time Out Delay


Find the timeout delay in IC 555 timer monostable circuit with resistance and capacitance values 5 ohms and 8 F.


T = 1.1 x 5 x 8
= 44 sec

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