Cable Force Calculator

Force refers to the tension left on the two supported ends of the cable. Like any other force, tension can deform or accelerate the object. The shape of the supported cables appears curve in shape under uniform gravitational force, which is called Catenary curve. It is important to know that the tension on the cable can withstand the strain caused by the weight of the object. Use this online cable force calculator to calculate the force in cable at the support ends.

Calculate the Force in Cable at the Support Ends

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T = (H2 + ((w x L) / 2)2)0.5 Where, T = Force in Cable at Support Ends H = Midspan Force in Cable w = Unit Load L = Cable Span


If the midspan force, unit load and cable span are 20 N, 11 N/m and 33 m, calculate the cable force


T = (H2 + ((w x L) / 2)2)0.5
= (202 + ((11 x 33) / 2)2)0.5
= 182.599 N

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