Electrostatic Calculator

Electrostatics is a branch of physics that deals with the properties of slow-moving electric charges. A conductor carrying a surface charge distribution will experience a force on the surface charge. If the force is constrained to lie on the surface, then the electric pressure will be created by the electric field with its action on the surface charge. Use the electrostatic calculator to calculate electrostatic pressure. Electrostatic pressure calculation is done based on the electric field.

Electrostatic Pressure Calculation

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p = ε0 × e2 / 2 Where, p = Electrostatic Pressure e = Electric Field ε0 = Electric Constant(8.854×10-12)


A surface of a conductor having a electric field of 9 N.Find electrostatic pressure


Electrostatic Pressure = 8.854×10-12 × 92 / 2
= 3.5858699999999997e-10

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