Electric Potential Energy Calculator

Potential energy in common is defined as the capacity of work done by external forces. In electrical terms, the energy stored in the circuits is referred to as electric potential energy or voltage. The stored energy is transferred to other mediums in the forms like heat, light, or motion. The electric potential (voltage) energy at any point in space at a distance of r from a single charge can be calculated using the formula V = kQ/r. Use this electric potential energy calculator to calculate electric potential energy (Voltage) at a point of distance.

Calculate Voltage at a Point of Distance

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V(r) = kQ / r (i.e) k = 1 / (4 x π x ϵ0) Where, V(r) = Electric Potential Q = Charge k = Scalar Quantity ϵ0 = Permittivity r = Point Distance


A system with charge 3q at a point distant of 7. What is its electric potential energy?


To find PE, we need to calculate scalar quantity, k
k = 1 / (4 x 3.14 x 8.85418e-12)
= 8987559722.746508
V(r) = (8987559722.746508 x 3) / 7
= 3851811309.7485

Similarly, for multiple charges also it can be calculated easily just by adding the electric potential energy at a point from different charges.

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