Capacitor Energy (E) and RC Time Constant Calculator

Online calculator to calculate the energy (E) and time constant (RC) in a capacitor for the given voltage across it. You can determine two different values from the calculator.Time constant (T) can be determined from the values of capacitance (C) and load resistance (R). Energy stored on a capacitor (E) can be determined by giving all three inputs: voltage (V), capacitance and load resistance.

Capacitor Energy and Time Constant Calculator

Voltage across capacitor (V): V
Capacitance (C): uF
Load Resistance (R): Ohms
T (RC): seconds
E: Joules
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Formula Used:

E = (V² x C) / 2 T = R x C Where, E = Energy stored (Joules), T = Time Constant (S), V = Volatge (V) , C = Capacitance (uF), R = Load Resistance (Ohms).

Online calculation of the capacitor energy (E) and RC time constant is made easier with this electrical calculator.

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