Ah to kWh Conversion Calculator

Ampere hours abbreviated as Ah or amp-hour is the amount of electrical energy present in the battery that allows one unit of current to flow for one hour. Ampere is a unit of electrical current and hour is the unit of time. Kilowatt hour abbreviated as kWh is a derived unit of electrical power equal to 3.6 megajoules. It is the measure of 1000 watts of electrical power. Use this online Ah to kWh conversion calculator to convert ampere hour to kilowatt hour.

Ampere Hour To Kilowatt Hour Electrical Unit Conversion

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Wh = Ah x Voltage Where, 1kW = 1000W


Ah to kWh Conversion for 8 Battery Ampere Hours with 5 Volts is equal to


Wh = Ah x Voltage
= 8 x 5
= 40 Watt Hours

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