Vertical Curve Offset Distance Calculator

Vertical offset is the vertical distance from the VPI (Vertical Point of Intersection) to the arc. Vertical curve is used for the design work and transitions from vertical distance to another design pavements. The rate of change will be constant in vertical curve. Using this online vertical curve offset distance calculator, you can calculate middle ordinates or distance of vertical offset curve of the highways with the given length of the curve, initial and final grade.

Calculate Middle Ordinates

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Formula Used:

E = [ L x (g2 - g1) ] / 8 Minimum Curve Length Where, E - Vertical Offset g1 - Initial grade g2 - Final grade L - Length of the curve

Online calculation of the middle ordinate for designing the highways is made easier with Vertical curve offset distance calculator


A road has a vertical curve of length 50m, initial grade of 25% and final grade of 35%, the distance of vertical offset curve is calculated as,

Vertical offset = [ 50 x (25 - 35) ] / 8
    =0.625 m

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