SAG Vertical Curve Length Calculator

Calculate the minimum length of the SAG vertical curve with the given values of sight distance, roadway grade, height of headlight and the angle of headlight beam.

SAG Vertical Curve Length Calculation

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Formula Used: Lm = ( A×S² ) / ( 200 × (H + S ×tanβ) ) ∀ S<Lm Lm = 2S − { ( 200 × (H + S ×tanβ) ) / A } ∀ S>Lm If S > L, then the first formula is used, if L > S, then the second formula is used. Where, A - Absolute difference between g2 and g1 S - Sight Distance Lm - Minimum Curve Length H - Height of headlight β - Angle of Headlight Beam

The sight distance, aesthetics and the drivers' comfort are the parameters that are considered while designing SAG vertical curves.

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