Concrete Driveway Calculator

Use our online Concrete Driveway Calculator to calculate how much concrete is needed for a driveway. Concrete is usually measured in cubic yards, which is the measure of volume. To find the required amount of concrete its important to know the volume of the drive way in cubic yards. Concrete is the right choice for the driveway as it would be along lasting maintenance free choice. Enter the length and width of your driveway to know the Drive Way Area and perimeter.

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A = l × b P = 2 × (l+b) Where, A = Drive way Area P = Drive way Perimeter l = Length b = width


Estimate the area and perimeter of a Concrete Driveway, Given that,
Length = 8
Width = 10


Area = l × b
= 8 x 10
= 80
Perimeter = 2 × (l+b)
= 2 x (8+10)
= 36

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