True Airspeed Calculator

An online TAS Calculator to calculate true airspeed which is also called as Knots True Airspeed (KTAS) of an aircraft. It is the speed of the aircraft relative to the air mass in which it is flying. True Airspeed Calculator is designed to give a correct value of true air speed based on the speed estimation flying at the planned true airspeed. Enter the values for Indicated airspeed, Mean Sea level altitude and Outside Air Temperature to get TAS.

TAS Calculator

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TAS = (IAS x OAT Estimation Correction) x (A / 1000) + IAS Where, IAS = Indicated Airspeed A = Mean Sea Level (MSL) Altitude TAS = True Airspeed


An Airplane files with an Indicated airspeed of 170 and OAT Estimation Correction of 0.2 Mean Sea Level Altitude is 8500.


TAS = (IAS x OAT Estimation Correction) x (A / 1000) + IAS
= (170 x 0.2) x (8500 / 1000) + 170
= 459

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