Octane Requirement Calculator

A simple online Octane Rating Calculator to calculate the minimum octane rating required. It is defined as the value which is used to indicate the resistance of a motor fuel. The higher the octane number, the higher the compression of the fuel to withstand before igniting. Use this online Octane Requirement Calculator to calculate the minimum octane rating which is derived from the Research Octane Number (RON) and the Motor Octane Number (MON).

Octane Rating Calculator

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c = ( ( a + b ) / 2 ) Where, c = Minimum Octane Rating a = Research Octane Number b = Motor Octane Number


The Research Octane Number and Motor Octane Number of Octane fuel is 12 & 15. Find its Minimum Octane Rating.

Octane Requirement Calculation:

c = ( a + b ) / 2
= ( 15 + 12 ) / 2
= 13.5

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