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Lift force calculator is designed to calculate its force in Newton. The lift coefficient (Cl) is a dimensionless unit, the greater the CI will generate more lift force. When the lift is in motion, pressure is created, thus the greater velocity leads to high speed in traveling. To use this lift calculator, just enter the lift coefficient (CI), its density, velocity and the area to get the resultant value. These elements has exposed to generate aerodynamic lift.

Lift Force Calculation

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L = 1 / 2 (CL x ρ x V2 x A)
Where, L = Lift Force CL = Coefficient of Lift ρ = Density V = Velocity A = Area


An Airplane flies at velocity of 15 m/s having an area of 25 m2. The density of air is 25 kg/m3 and Coefficient of Lift is 12.


L = 1 / 2 (CL x ρ x V2 x A)
= 1/2 (12 x 25 x 152 x 25)
= 843750 N

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