Drag Calculator

Drag Force Calculator calculates the force that resists the motion of a body through a fluid like air or water. It always acts in the direction opposite to the flow velocity. It is expressed in newtons (N). The drag force is a function of the fluid velocity and density along with the object's area and drag coefficient. Use this drag calculator to find its force based on its coefficient, density, velocity and area. It can be calculated for any moving objects.

Drag Force Calculator

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D = 1 / 2 ( CD x ρ x V2 x A)
Where, D = Drag Force CD = Coefficient of Drag ρ = Density V = Velocity A = Area


A moving object moves at a velocity of 6 m/s having an area of 20 m2. The density of fluid / air is 10 kg/m and coefficient of drag is 3.


D = 1 / 2 ( CD x ρ x V2 x A)
= 1/2 (3 x 10 x 62 x 20)
= 10800 N

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