Breguet Range Equation Calculator

An online calculator to calculate the breguet range of an aircraft. It depends on the fuel rate combustion of the engine. The output of the engine results in terms of power. Use this online Breguet Range Equation Calculator to calculate its range and optimizes it to give the maximum aircraft weight and tells engineers how far an Aeroplane can fly in a certain set of parameters, and therefore influences the design of modern jet engines and air frames.

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R = ( V / TSFC ) x ( L / D ) x ln ( Wi / Wf ) Where, R = Breguet Range TSFC = Thrust Specific Fuel Combustion V = Velocity L / D = Lift to Drag Ratio Wi = Initial Weight Wf = Final Weight


An aircraft flies at a velocity of 15 m/s having a lift to drag ratio of 75, initial weight of 15 kg and final weight of 12 kg. Its thrust specific fuel combustion (TSFC) is given as 25.

Breguet Range Equation Calculation:

R = ( V / TSFC ) x ( L / D ) x ln ( Wi / Wf )
= (15 / 25) x 75 x ln(15/12)
= 10.0415

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