Aviation Fuel Savings Calculator

Aircraft fuel is a petroleum based fuel used for air transportation. Aviation Fuel Savings can be used in Jet fuel. It is a type of aircraft fuel designed to power aircraft. Aviation Fuel Savings Calculator finds the monthly savings and yearly savings in dollars used by airlines to improve operational efficiency and fuel related costs. Simply enter the number of gallons of fuel purchased on monthly basis, normal price of FBO price and least expensive FBO price.

Aircraft Fuel Savings Calculation

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Monthly Savings = (a x g ) - (Least Expensive FBO Price x g) Yearly Savings = Monthly Savings x 12 Where, g = Gallons Per Month a = Normal FBO Price


A man purchased 1500 gallons of aircraft fuel for a month at a normal FBO price of $400 per gallon and the lowest priced FBO of the fuel is $250/per gallon. Calculate Aviation Fuel Monthly Savings and Yearly Savings.


Monthly Savings = (a x g ) - (Least Expensive FBO Price x g)
= (400 x 1500) - (250 x 1500)
= $225000

Yearly Savings = Monthly Savings x 12
= 225000 x 12
= $2700000

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