Find if a Number is Divisible by 13

Find here the divisibility rule for 13. This rule helps you to find if a given number is divisible by 13. In simple words, the rule states, 'Adding 4 times of the number's last digit with the remaining digits should be divisible by 13.'

Divisibility Rule for 13

Steps to be Followed:

Multiply the last digit by 4. Add the result to the remaining leading truncated number. If the result is divisible by 13, then the original number is divisible by 13. Apply this rule over and over again as necessary.


Find if the number 559 is divisible by 13

Solution :

Applying the divisibility rule for 13,

Step 1:

The last digit of the number 559 is 9

Multiply '9' by 4 (i.e) 9 x 4 = 36

Step 2:

Add this number to the remaining truncated number (i.e) 55

36 + 55 = 91

Step 3:

91 is divisible by 13. Hence, the number 599 is also divisible by 13

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