Logarithmic Differentiation Calculator

This is the online log derivative calculator to differentiate logarithmic functions. In the below logarithmic differentiation calculator, enter the function to differentiate and click calculate button to get the result. The logarithmic differentiation, (differentiation by taking logarithms), can be applied to functions raised to the power of variables. The logarithmic differentiation method takes the log derivative of the function to differentiate it.

Log Derivative Calculator

Rules for Specifying Input Function

1. Use ^ for representing power values.
    Eg: Write input x2 as x^2.

2. Use ^(1/2) for square root ,'*' for multiplication, '/' for division, '+' for addition, '-' for subtraction.
    Eg:1. Write input √x as x^(1/2)
         2. Write 5x as 5*x.
         3. Write x+5 as x+5.
         4. Write x2-5x as x^2-5*x.

3. Use paranthesis() while performing arithmetic operations.
    Eg:1. Write sinx+cosx+tanx as sin(x)+cos(x)+tan(x)
         2. Write secx*tanx as sec(x)*tan(x)
         3. Write tanx/sinx as tan(x)/sin(x)

4. Use inv to specify inverse and ln to specify natural log respectively
    Eg:1. Write sin-1x as asin(x)

5. Sample Inputs for Practice.
    Eg:1. Write (10x+2)+(x2) as 10*x+2+x^2.
         2. Write cos(x3) as cos(x^3).

6. Ensure that the input string is as per the rules specified above.

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Differentiation by taking logarithm is one of the method which is used to differentiate functions by employing the log derivative of a function. In this logarithmic differentiation calculator, rules for specifying input function are given for your reference and enter the function according to it.

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