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A useful mathematical differentiation calculator to simplify the functions. This calculator helps you to convert functions of one form to another. Derivative is the immediate rate of change of a dependent variable with respect to its independent variable. The process of calculating a derivative is called differentiation. This online derivative calculator, differentiates a given function with respect to a given variable using analytical differentiation.

Rules for Specifying Input Function

1. Use ^ for representing power values.
    Eg: Write input x2 as x^2.

2. Use ^(1/2) for square root ,'*' for multiplication, '/' for division, '+' for addition, '-' for subtraction.
    Eg:1. Write input √x as x^(1/2)
         2. Write 5x as 5*x.
         3. Write x+5 as x+5.
         4. Write x2-5x as x^2-5*x.

3. Use paranthesis() while performing arithmetic operations.
    Eg:1. Write sinx+cosx+tanx as sin(x)+cos(x)+tan(x)
         2. Write secx*tanx as sec(x)*tan(x)
         3. Write tanx/sinx as tan(x)/sin(x)

4. Use inv to specify inverse and ln to specify natural log respectively
    Eg:1. Write sin-1x as asin(x)
         2. Write ln x as ln(x)

5. Sample Inputs for Practice.
    Eg:1. Write (10x+2)+(x2) as 10*x+2+x^2.
         2. Write cos(x3) as cos(x^3).
         3. Write ex+lnx as e^x+ln(x).

6. Ensure that the input string is as per the rules specified above.
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Derivative Calculator finds out the differentiation of any math expression with respect to a variable.


What is the derivative of x^4?


Here, n = 4
d/dx x^n = nx^n-1
= d/dx x^4 = 4x^4-1
= 4x3

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