Time Difference Calculator

This is a simple online calculator to calculate the difference between two given times. In the below calculator enter the start time and the end time in the format H:M:S or Seconds and click calculate to know the difference between the given times in hours, minutes and seconds. The difference is also shown as total hours, total minutes and total seconds.

Calculate Hours, Minutes, Seconds Between Two Times

1) 1:4:5 = 1Hour 4 Minutes and 5 Seconds
2) 2:4 = 2 Hours and 4 Minutes
3) 12 = 12 seconds
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Let us consider an example to find the difference between two times.

Start time is 3hrs 4mins and 5secs and the End time is 8hrs 5mins and 6secs
Time Difference = End Time - Start Time
             = 8:5:6 - 3:4:5
             = 5:1:1
            = 5 hours, 1 minute and 1 second.
Therefore, the time difference is 5 hours, 1 minute and 1 second

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