Time Between Dates Calculator

A simple time between dates calculator to find the days count, and also the number of hours, minutes and seconds between two dates. Enter the two dates in the box, separate the date using the forward/right slash symbol. Enter the date in the month, date and year order. You can use this calculator to calculate time between dates and also to find the number of days left for your next birthday or your favourite person birthday from the current date.

Calculate Time Between Dates

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Hours = Days x 24 Minutes = (Days x 24) x 60 Seconds = (Days x 24) x 3600


What is the difference between two dates 16/11/2016 and 21/10/2016.

Day Difference = 26 Days

Hour Difference

= 26 x 24
= 624 hours

Minute Difference

= 624 x 60
= 37440 minutes

Second Difference

= 624 x 3600
= 2246400 seconds

You can also use this time between dates calculator to find the total time period you have left to meet your target deadlines.

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