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In Korea, age is calculated in a different way than any other countries. Here the gestational period of the baby is taken into consideration. Hence, when a baby is born, it is 1 year old. Also, they calculate it with the completion of calendar years. Hence a person has completed one year at the end of the calendar year.

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Korean Age = ( Current Year - Birth Year ) +1

Thus, if a person has born in december month, he / she completes one year when born and on January 1, he / she will be 2 years old. This online korean age calculator is used to find how old you are in korea. Enter your birth year and your korean age will be displayed.


If you were actually born in 17th of May, 1992 and current year is 2015, then

Korean Age = (2015 - 1992) + 1 = 23 + 1 = 24 years old.

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