Final Grade Calculator

Final grade is the rank that you get after your final exams. This online calculator is used to find the grade and marks needed to score on the last exam, so as to reach a certain grade. (i.e.,) If you are willing to reach A rank and currently you are in B rank, So to reach A rank you will need to score a certian mark. This calculator is used to find that certain score. Enter your current score, required score and the worth of the required grade from current into the calculator and find the final grade.

Final Exam Weight Calculator

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g = (100 * r - (100 - w) * c) / w Where, g = Final Exam Grade r = Required Grade c = Current Grade w = Final Exam Weight


My current score is 90 and i want to reach 99 in the last exam and my final exam weight is 9, hence my final grade is,
FG = (100 * 99 - ( 100 - 9) * 90) / 9
FG = (9900 - 8190 ) / 9
FG = 1710 / 9
FG = 190
So, I need to score 190 in the last exam, so as to reach the grade 99. It is a miracle to score 190 % (more than the maximum possible 100) in the final exam.

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