Hausdorff Dimension of Sierpinski Triangle

Sierpinski Triangle is named after Polish mathematician Waclaw Sierpinski and it is constructed from the equilateral triangle. Its a fractal or attractive fixed set, where the triangle is sub divided recursively into smaller equilateral triangles. When sides of the Sierpinski Triangle is doubled, it creates thrice the copy of itself. Hausdorff dimension is used to measure the local space between the given set of numbers using the distance between them. Hence,Sierpinski Triangle possess Hausdorff dimension of log(3)/log(2) ≈ 1.585, and it follows from solving 2 d = 3 for d.

Constant Name

Hausdorff Dimension of Sierpinski Triangle

Symbol : log2 3

Value : 1.58496 25007 21156 18145

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