Mandelbrot Set Area

The Mandelbrot set also known as Mandelbrot Fractal is the set of complex numbers for which the sequence does not have infinity. For example ( c, c² + c, (c²+c)² + c, ((c²+c)²+c)² + c, (((c²+c)²+c)²+c)² + c, ...). As of October 2012, the area of the Mandelbrot is estimated to be 1.5065918849 ± 0.0000000028. The Mandelbrot set is named after the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. The Mandelbrot set area is computed using the following formula.

Area of the Mandelbrot Fractal

Constant Name

Area of The Mandelbrot Fractal

Symbol : γ

Value : 1.5065918849 ± 0.0000000028

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