Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Interest (CI) is the addition of Interest to the Initial principal value and also the accumulated interest of previous periods of a loan or any deposit. It is also referred as 'interest on interest'. Higher the number of compounding periods, higher is the CI. Use this online compound interest calculator to find the interest compounded for annually, half yearly, quarterly by providing the principal amount, rate of interest and time period.

Compound Interest Calculation Online - Annually, Half yearly, Quarterly

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Total Amount = Principal + CI (Compound Interest)
a. Formula for Interest Compounded Annually Total Amount = P(1+(R/100))n
b. Formula for Interest Compounded Half Yearly Total Amount = P(1+(R/200))2n
c. Formulae for Interest Compounded Quarterly Total Amount = P(1 + (R/400))4n
d. Formulae for Interest Compounded Annually with fractional years (e.g 2.5 years) Total Amount = P(1 + (R/100))a x (1+(bR/100)) here if year is 2.5 then a =2 and b=0.5
e. With different interest rates for different years Say x% for year 1, y% for year 2, z% for year 3
Total Amount = P(1+ (x/100)) x (1+(y/100)) x (1+(z/100)) Where, CI = Compound Interest, P = Principal or Sum of amount, R = % Rate per annum, n = Time Span in years

Know how much you can gain (annually, half yearly, quarterly) on your principal amount over a period of time using this compound interest calculator.


If a person deposit Rs. 5000 paying 6% interest for 5years.What will be the compound interest on the same sum at the same rate for the same period, compounded annually?

Total Amount = P(1+(R/100))^n
= 5000(1+(6/100))^5
= Rs. 6691.13

Compound Interest = Total Amount - Principal
= Rs. 1691.13

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