Greater Than Less Than Calculator

Online comparing decimals calculator to compare the numbers using greater than, less than and equal to. You can compare for decimal numbers and whole numbers. Decimal numbers separate the integer part of the number from its fractional part. Greater than symbol is denoted as '>', less than symbol is denoted as '<' and equals to symbol is denoted as '='. Enter the numbers in the below online greater than less than calculator for comparing the numbers.

Comparing Decimals Calculator

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Example 1:

Comparing decimal Numbers 1565.5 and 2778.9, we can estimate


= 1565.5 < 2778.9
= 1565 is lesser than 2778.9

Example 2:

Compare the two numbers 198 and 128


By comparing these two whole numbers,
= 198 > 128
= 198 is greater than 128

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