Water Density Table

The density of liquid water is approximately 1 gram per cubic centimetre. It is dependent on its temperature, but the relation is not linear. When cooled from room temperature, liquid water becomes increasingly dense. When it is cooled, it expands to become less dense. The property of water that its solid form is less than its liquid form is critical for all life on earth. Here is the water density table that lists density of water at different temperatures.

Density of Water at Different Temperatures Chart

Density of liquid water
Temp (°C) Density (kg/m3)
100 958.40
80 971.82
60 983.20
40 992.22
30 995.6502
25 997.0479
22 997.7735
20 998.2071
15 999.1026
10 999.7026
4 999.9720
0 999.8395
−10 998.117
−20 993.547
−30 983.854

Density of water at different temperatures has change in density which is not linear with temperature and the volumetric expansion coefficient for water is not constant over the temperature range. Water density table provides you the denisty of water at various temperature in Celsius.

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