Saponification Value Calculation

In Chemistry, Saponification value is also termed as Koettstorfer number. Saponification is a process that produces soap, usually from fats and lye. The Koettstorfer number is the number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide required to saponify 1g of fat under the conditions specified. It depends on the kind of fatty acid contained in the fat. Saponification Value calculation can be done based on the normality and weight of the fat using this calculator to find the Saponification Number.

Determination of Saponification Number | Koettstorfer Number Calculator

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sv = 56.1 x (b-s) n/ w Where, sv= Saponification Value b = Standard hydrochloric acid for blank s = Standard hydrochloric acid for sample n = Normality of standard hydrochloric acid w = Weight in gm of the oil/fat


A fat with combination of acids contain standard hydrochloric acid for blank & sample with 0.08 mol & 0.05 mol, normality of standard hydrochloric acid with 0.07 and weight of the oil/fat with 20mol is calculated as,
= 56.1 x (b-s) n/ w
= 56.1 x (0.08 - 0.05) 0.07/ 20
= 0.0059 mol .

Determination of Saponification number is the milligrams of KOH to neutralize the fatty acids, depend on its average molecular weight. The smaller number of fatty acids is free from fat hydrolyzed for larger molecular weight.

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