Crude Protein Calculator

The Kjeldahl method's universality is a recognized method for estimating the percentage of protein content in foods. The given below is the online crude protein calculator for you to do the Kjeldahl method protein determination calculation. Just enter the blank titre value, titre value, normality of NaOH and sample weight in this crude protein estimation Kjeldahl calculator and click on calculate, the tool will fetch you the percentage of crude protein in feedstuffs.

Kjeldahl Method Protein Determination Calculation

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Micro Kjeldahl Distillation Method Percentage of Crude Protein = (Blank-Titre Value) x 1.401 x 6.25 x 20 x Normality of NaOH / Sample Weight )


Calculate the percentage of crude protein in the food based on the blank titre value of 50, titre value of 30, normality of NaOH of 20N and sample weight 50.


Percentage of Crude Protein = (50) x 1.401 x 6.25 x 20 x 20 / 50 )
= 1401

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