Combined Gas Law Calculator

Combined gas law is the combination of Charles's law, Boyle's law, and Gay-Lussac's law. It states that the ratio between the pressure-volume product and temperature is a constant. In this calculator, the initial and final volume, pressure, temperature can be calculated alternatively with the other known values.

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Combined Gas Law:

Gas Equation: PiVi/Ti = PfVf/Tf where, Vi = Initial Volume, Pi = Initial Pressure, Ti = Initial Temperature, Vf = Final Volume, Pf = Final Pressure, Tf = Final Temperature.


If the initial and final volume is 12, 2, initial and final pressure is 10, 7 and initial temperature is 5,

Formula :

PiVi/Ti = PfVf/Tf

Tf = (Ti x PfVf) / PiVi
= (5 x 7 x 2) / (12 x 10)
= 0.58
Hence, final temperature is 0.58

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